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Dan Shui Levy Rocks, ROCKS!

by on May.28, 2009, under Adventures


I went to Dan Shui (shallow water), and there was some magical “jacks” shaped rocks that help divert the water when it comes crashing to shore… really breath taking and unusually beautiful.

I also took a brisk walk around the Taipei Main MRT station, I found some sweet streets and bridges! 8)

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Local Sight seeing 8)

by on May.22, 2009, under Adventures


Trying out my HDR skillz… take a look! 8) 1st one is Taipei 101 and the second one is Muzha Station by the Taipei Zoo.


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Pic of the day…

by on May.21, 2009, under Adventures

Gloomy skies in Taipei, means its time for rainbows! 8)

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Picture hunting @ Long Shan Temple (dragon mountain temple) + Spark + Primo

by on May.18, 2009, under Adventures

REWIND 05.08.09

Today I woke up a little later then usual, around 11:30 and had some lunch with my aunt, uncle and cousin at they house. It was a simple lunch of leftovers from the previous night, but was still delicious. After lunch and a short nap(teehee)… i went to go explore Long Shan Temple.

Before I went to the temple, I had to make one of my multi-daily trip to 711. I picked up a milk like container of “fruit drink”. Damn this drink was good, fresh fruit in liquid form def up there on my list of things to drink from 711. below are some pics of the fruit drink and some pics of the awesome buses haha yea right. One thing I did notice here is that people are more polite while on public transportation. People are every so willing to let go of their seats for the elderly, women and children. One other cool thing is that in the subway system (MRT) there are escalators. On these escalators, as people are going up and down, someone here has created an ingenious way creating a fast lane and a slow lane on the escalator! They simply drew a line right in the middle of the step, if you are in no hurry, you step to the right, creating a single line. If you are in a hurry, you walk straight up the left side!! Its so logical its blew my mind! haha!img_1459img_1465img_7866

Anyway, I digress. When i get to the temple, there are masses of people and i find myself waiting at the front to get a perfect shot with no people in it. Unfortunately there was no such opportunity so i just started snapping away. This temple was one of the larger temples in taiwan and there were masses of people there praying for good luck in health, work, etc etc… I got some good shots of people doing their thing, but i felt kinda guilty, so i prayed that they wouldn’t be offended! 8)

After the temple, I went to my friend Sylvia clothing shop (Unik Clothing). She sells Affliction, Monarchy, and Sinful clothing at a hip location near SOGO (shopping center). I would dub this place a much more tame Melrose (trendy shops, a bunch of young people with money to spend). I did like the area and felt calm and content strolling through the streets. I chilled there for a bit and made plans w/ her and her friends to go clubbing later that night.

So that night we hitup 2 clubs, Spark and Primo. Both clubs were upscale and near Taipei 101. Clubbing felt the same as it does in LA, but the songs are just 6 months old and no one knows how to dance… such a burn! Anyway we hit up those 2 clubs and called it a night! 8)

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Frist was George Jetson, next was Fred Flintstone!

by on May.16, 2009, under Adventures

REWIND! 05.07.09

sweep, sweep, sweep…..

The day before, I felt like George Jetson with hundreds if not thousands of scooters zooming by. Today I felt like I took a step back into the past. My uncle, aunt and cousin took me to “Tong Hua Mountain Park” (tong hua is a type of flower which when in the right spot in the park, it seems like its snowing…img_77982

First we stopped for a bit to have some delicious “bien dang” aka lunch boxes for you n00bs. Me and my cousin had the chicken cutlet which was a lil dry and my aunt and uncle had the fish which was super delish!!!!!!!

After lunch, we procedded to hike up the mountain. The hike was a medium difficutly hike. There were man made steps which made the hike alot easier, and alot of places to rest and take pics. As we walked higher and higher, the very became ever so clear, and when we reached the top, we could see all of taipei and its surroundings… beautiful!! (too bad it was hazy)img_7745
The hike was a great way to keep the fat off and take a look at the local wildlife etc! It probably took about 2-3 hours to hike up and down the hill, which isn’t too shabby. Here is a portrait that we took with one of those mountain curve mirrors…

(per Gary Lee, I’m separating my posts into paragraphs.) After the hike, we headed back to the city. our first stop in the city was the market place, which i posted a youtube video of so you probably saw that. We bought some groceries for the next day and head back to take 5 back at my aunt and uncles.

When night fell, my cousin and I went to go find what else, but some food!! My cousin took me to this bomb duck meat specialty restaurant. The only thing I can say about that place is that is was bomb and here are the pics to prove it. img_1446img_1449img_1447
I had the duck and mung bean noodle soup and we shared a plate of the duck meat. Though the place was ghetto for american standards, it was full of people, and the the best part about it is that it the meal was 200NT for both me and my cousin, this equates to about 6 bucks!! woohoO! 8)

After we ate, we went to xiemen shopping area, which I would probably compare to 3rd street in LA. It was filled with teenagers and so much “small food” (appetizers) that I couldn’t bring myself to take pictures without eating so I’ll save that for later 8).img_1451

We walked the shops of Xiemen for a bit and decided to shoot some pool. We hitup some pool hall which was 6 bucks for 2 hours and free drinks, OMG I couldn’t believe how cheap Taiwan is, no wonder all these Taiwanese people in america are cheap bastards! img_1453

We shot pool for 2 hours and headed back home where we stopped off at the local 711(which is on every block) and picked up some beer and snacks for the rest of the night. I got the STRONG 7 beer, because it made me feel more manly, and some spicy potato chip like snack.  haha at this point, I’ve made up my mind to try everything that 711 has to offer, before I go home, so wish me luck 8) Hope everyone at home is good and well 8) happy belated Cinco De Mayo! 8) RRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrAAA!img_1441

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A Walk Through a Taiwan Marketplace!

by on May.14, 2009, under Adventures

Check out this craziness. I went shopping at the local market place a couple days ago, which was filled with people up to the kazoo. There were parents, kids, dogs cats and most of all people on scooters cutting me off. . . I think Americans got the idea that asian are bad drivers because there is too much space on the road in the US. Ha! Enjoy the video and bare with me while I update!

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too itchy will post full post tomorrow…

by on May.07, 2009, under Adventures

11 mosquito bites, the love my blood, soooo itchy must.. get.. benadryl!!!!

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Meet Jeff Jetson!

by on May.06, 2009, under Adventures

As I found myself strolling through the streets of Taipei, I find myself feeling out of this world. With no cell phone in my pocket and a couple thousand scooters on the road I felt like I was on another planet! I felt like I was on the jetsons! I slept in, as usual and had a simple but tasty meal with my uncle and aunt… Sweet Soy Milk and a Croussiant mmmm.. then my cousin and I went to grab some lunch at the city center.  I totally commited a vacation foul, because I brought my camera, but I left my memory card in my laptop!! FAIL!!! Reguardless of that, I had some awesome beef noodle soup and some taiwanese style spicy dumplings in red oil. DEEELISSSH! We then hit up a small tea house called Grass Terrace.  I ordred the black tea… which took a really long time considering it black tea, but something cool about all these lil shops in taiwan is that they give you a “lottery” ticket everytime you purchase something from them. My cousin says that they have a drawing every 2 months so I handed over the ticket and wished him luck and told him that he owes me tea if he wins. haha. After the tea house, we decided to get some errands done, so we went back home to get my passport and I got a prepaid phone! CALL ME! (ill call you back on another line, i only have 29 minutes! haha 0981714378 *standard rates may apply*. after i got my phone, we went to the “global mall” to check everything out, i was pretty impressed with the mall. It was super clean and had plenty of room, unlike the rest of taipei. After the mall, we hit up a hotpot joint.. the pics are below, I had a duck blood and pig organ soup, extra spicy, and my cousin had the seafood mix. This was by far the best coagulated blood I’ve ever had. it was so soft and soooooo good and flavorful! If i was a vampire, I would def be pleased! By the time we finished dinner, we were super stuffed, so we decided to walk to the 32nd floor of the taiwanese county building. When we got there, we could see alot of the city from up there, so we made a game plan by point at various groups of lights. We planned to go to several small night markets and save the big ones for another day. I was sad when we got to the night markets though,  because we were soo full from dinner still, that we couldnt eat anything and everything looked delicious!!!! This is pretty much the night, my pictures are just a small reflection of the things i saw… although there were some stand outs…..

sars mask count: 2543
scooters with babys on board: 53
scooters with full grown basset hounds standing on the footrest and sniffing everything on the road: 1
mcdonalds deliver guys on scooters: 1

I’m totally gettin McDonalds delivered next week!! Good Mornin everyone !

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by on May.05, 2009, under Adventures

Hi Everyone I just arrived in Jhong Hua City where my aunt and uncle reside, I was very suprised of the look of the place, thinking they are fobs, I thought the place was gonna be cluttered with the cliche unmatching furniture, but to my amazement, I walked into a modern clean living area! I’ll post pics of that tomorrow! Anyway, my flight began a 1pm yesterday (by now my clock is all jacked up) so i basically sat on a plane for 16 hours bleh! To shorten the length of time and space, I bought a bottle of nyquil to knock my ass out, and it worked for the first 5 hours which was pretty sick. After the 5 hours, I awoke to “seven pounds” and “bride wars”. Both movies remind me of other movies that ive seen. After we landed in Japan, there was a Quarantine. A gang of what appeared to be doctors and nurses boarded the plane and used some thermal cameras to check everyones temperature and collected a “HEALTH AWARENESS INSPECTIONS” sheet lol! Below are some of the pics I took today, not too many, tired and weary… but not to worry I post some secksy pictures in the days that come! ok time to knock out!!

OH YEAH, FYI United Airlines has cut back sooo much that they dont have Preforated Toilet paper! I mean seriously, how bad does the CEO have to be doing to say “ok were taking out the good preforated toilet paper… People notice UA… people notice!!!! OMG !!! soooo annoying and inconveient to wipe my ass!

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Hello world!

by on Apr.29, 2009, under Adventures

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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