The Adventures of Thumbfighter!

Reverting thoughts

by on Jan.11, 2010, under Adventures

It’s been along time since i wrote in this or posted any pic in this blog…… ive been busy working and keeping my relationships. Now im unemployeed………. I wish that my dream didnt fall through but you never know when you are going to wake up. As i look through my last 6 months im truly happy to have done what I’ve done. I’ve worked with A-list celebs and I’ve had the freedom to do my own thing as well. Though all that I believe that I’ve come up with sometype of story that i want to tell…. im just not sure what type of order it should be in.

Alot of people say that my life is interesting, but i only think that i have a normal life. I feel that I’ve been let free and that my mind has been set free as well. My creativeness is re-inspired and i feel renewed i love life and i hope that it will throw everything that it has at me, i wont keep down. lets roll.

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